Creating A Community Of Care

A safe space for adults with learning disabilities and autism

We understand how hard it is to find the right provision for someone with learning disabilities and/ or autism.

You want to ensure your loved one is not only looked after with the appropriate amount of care, but is treated with compassion and as the amazing, unique individual they are. You need a place that you are both listened to and where they feel welcome.

You will find all this – and more – at Freetime.

Freetime Care

We operate a day care service

Freetime Plus

We operate two respite bungalows.

Why Choose Us?

We are safe
providing a warm and welcoming space for all.

We are inclusive
where everyone’s
choice matters.

We build community
providing opportunities to grow together.

We are supportive
offering a whole-hearted approach to care.

We are respectful
treating people as individuals.

Freetime takes what it means to offer ‘care in the community’ and turns it into a community of care.

We’re a team of over 50 healthcare professionals – all trained to the highest standards – whose sole purpose is to provide a safe and welcoming space for your son or daughter and care for them in a way that gives them a sense of purpose and creates opportunities for them to flourish and thrive.

More than that, we are acutely aware that we also have a duty of care to you. We know it’s a huge responsibility looking after someone with these challenges and so we also make every opportunity to ensure that you not only have time and space to look after you but feel supported in your journey as a carer.

We believe that your loved one should not be defined by their condition or circumstances but treated as the amazing, unique and special (in the truest sense of the word) individual they are. So it is vital you select the community of care that is right for both them and you. If what you have read here resonates and you connect with what we stand for, then let’s start a conversation and see how we can work together to see your loved one flourish.

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