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Our personal story is lengthy, complex and extremely challenging, but with the support of Freetime Care Services during the past 9 months, it has evolved into one we hope can also provide genuine inspiration to any parent looking for an outstanding care provision. Our daughter “L” has Autism with associated complex and challenging behaviour. “L” requires two carers 24hrs per day because of her complex care needs. Prior to the involvement of Freetime Care Services, “L” had two failed care placements with separate providers; one in a supported living placement, and the other in a 24hr residential care provision. In both types of provision, “L’s” challenging behaviour escalated dramatically, and resulted in the irreconcilable collapse of each placement. This led to the only identified next step being a move into a more robust setting such as a secure hospital. After a very emotional and difficult period of thought process, we as parents decided to bring “L” home and back into our care. On many fronts, It was a risky decision to make, but with the subsequent additional support of Freetime Care Services (5hrs per day, 7 days per week), not only is “L” thriving, her challenging behaviours have significantly reduced, and her medications have more than halved. We know that there are other factors that have influenced this, but the significant contribution from FreeTime Care Services has played a major part in this turnaround. “L” loves her team of carers, feels empowered to make decisions, and is treated with respect and dignity. Freetime Care Services have demonstrated extensive expertise and breadth of knowledge and understanding in all relevant aspects of “L’s” needs and care plan. They are equipped with well recruited and appropriately selected and trained staff, all with the ability to function under a common approach which provides consistent high quality care. The success of these attributes hinges on excellent communication practices, both internally, and externally with all parties concerned with the client’s welfare. “L” is now happier than she has been for a very long time, and we as parents have found real hope for the future. We trust that with ongoing support from Freetime Care Services, this will continue to improve. If you wish to talk to us about our experiences of Freetime Care Services, please ask them for our contact details. We would be glad to be of any assistance.